What is Pirate Warriors4?

Improved "ONE PIECE"
Musou action!

An improved "ONE PIECE" Musou action!
With the concept of "real battelfied experience of ONE PIECE", providing immersive experience such as destruction of buildings during action, cloud of dusts covering the air, etc.
By incorporating new elements that were not seen in previous "Pirate Warriors", providing an even more exhilarating Musou action of "ONE PIECE"!

  1. New Features (1)

    Demolish the battlefield and bury your foes in the rubble!
    It's the most heart-pounding Pirate Warriors yet!

  2. New Features (2)
    Mid-Air Melees!

    Combo on the ground, transition to the air, then slip back down and finish it out! A new seamless combo system allows for breathtaking One Piece combat! Select returning characters will also be packing new moves and combos!

  3. New Features (3)
    Clash With Colossal Bosses!
    Play as Them Too!

    Face off with behemothic bosses in an all-new battle mode!
    When these immense adversaries wind up to attack, slip into their blind spot before launching a counter-offensive!
    It's a strategic tension-filled showdown!

    What's more, Kaido and Big Mom make their Pirate Warriors debut!
    When these characters strike--watch out. The ensuing eruption is enough to level armies!
    All Four Emperors join the roster for the most bombastic Pirate Warriors action ever!

    Four Emperors
  4. New Features (4)
    More Story! More Spectacle!
    Relive iconic episodes
    in "Dramatic Log" mode!

    Experience the anime's greatest moments through the eyes of the beloved One Piece cast!
    Emotion and action intertwine in cinematic spectacle!
    Each anime episode is split into several missions, bringing the total mission count to over thirty--the biggest yet!

    Plus, look forward to an entirely original storyline set in the Wano Country Arc!
    The Animal Kingdom Pirates, Four Emperors, and more lock horns in an unprecedented scuffle for supremacy!

    The Treasure Log is back and better than ever!

    Featuring over 100 episodes--the most content to date!
    OPPW3 saw each episode playing out the same every time. For this outing, main mission content changes with each attempt!
    Deciding Battle Episodes and Core Episodes also come with their own special twists and turns.
    Enjoy dynamic immersion like never before!

  5. New Features (5)
    The Beefiest Roster Yet!
    Featuring over forty playable characters,
    it's the biggest PW cast hands-down!

    Your favorite faces from the Dressrosa and Whole Cake Island arcs join the battle!
    Select OPPW3 characters are also set to make a return appearance!
    Plus, some characters will be sporting the Form Change ability, significantly altering both actions and appearance.
    Welcome to the most electrifying iteration of Pirate Warriors action!

    • * Note that some characters from OPPW3 (both playable and non) will not be returning.
    • * The aforementioned roster of over forty consists entirely of playable characters. Note this figure does not include "2 Years Ago" iterations.
    playable characters
  6. New Features (6)
    Online Co-Op!
    Link up with pirate allies online, taking to the battlefield in a team of four!

    Enjoy a multitude of missions supporting online play!
    Ally with players across the globe for compelling co-op action!

    • * An internet connection is required for online play.